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Derivatives are invented securities such as futures contracts, collateralized debt obligations, and credit-default swaps that are related to real assets or events but have no inherent value of their own.

There is no doubt that the Spin Doctors have been successful. They spun the economy into a frenzy that could not be sustained. Others put the spin on the stock market, while speculators put a spin on everyone with high gas and oil prices. Fair and balanced news is so far from the truth it not even funny.

As we finish the last day of 2008 the reality of the matter is that 18 months have passed since red lights came on and warning sirens sounded in the summer of 2007. Letting the air out of the mortgage bubble, and subsequently starting the collapse of Wall Street, the summer of 2007 was only a prelude to bigger unthinkable things to come.

When the news hit the street, subprime borrowers took the first hit. No one seems to remember the sequence of federal manipulations or new mortgage terms, which were onerous to the point of being predatory. Terms which were deceptive and misrepresented by the mortgage brokers and lenders. Everyone in the industry wants to wheel and deal, but no one wants to milk the cow.

Whether you call him Senator John McCain or Presidential candidate John McCain, the man is correct regarding his assement of Wall Street and the subprime mortgage crisis. “Wall Street is the villain in the things that happened in the subprime lending crisis and other areas where investigations and possible prosecution is going on,” McCain said during a taped appearance on ABC’s “This Week” program. When you look at the ratings companies, insurers, reinsurers, collateralized debt obligations, speculators, and short sellers, Wall Street is so wrapped up in the crisis it is not funny.

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