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For many years it has been our opinion that predatory lending became the acceptable norm, followed by a period of aggressive Wall Street greed. When predatory became subprime, and with regulators totally asleep, these 25 institutions effected the entire world economy:

It one thing to be put in a position where you can’t make your payments. Job loss, illness, or loss of a loved one is beyond our control. On the other hand it is quite another issue when your credit card company raises the monthly payment well beyond your budget.

There is no doubt that the Spin Doctors have been successful. They spun the economy into a frenzy that could not be sustained. Others put the spin on the stock market, while speculators put a spin on everyone with high gas and oil prices. Fair and balanced news is so far from the truth it not even funny.

Restoring trust and confidence in any system is a slow methodical process. Restoring confidence in the United States financial system is even more difficult, but not impossible.

As mortgage blues continue, one more lender is gone from the American landscape. That lender is HSBC Finance, formerly known as predatory lender Household International.

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