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Correspondent lenders are small lenders who do have the right to extend loans on their own risk and have the necessary funds to do so. After a loan is closed a correspondent lender will rarely keep it in their portfolio, selling it to a larger wholesale lender.

In two civil lawsuits filed Friday morning the New Mexico Attorney General is asking a judge for immediate action to stop foreclosures on the two properties.

Two former Wells Fargo subprime-loan officers say bank employees targeted predominantly black ZIP codes and churches and deceptively steered prime borrowers into subprime loans. Selling the most profitable product is, by itself, not a crime. Mortgage brokers across the United States did the same thing.

There is no doubt that the Spin Doctors have been successful. They spun the economy into a frenzy that could not be sustained. Others put the spin on the stock market, while speculators put a spin on everyone with high gas and oil prices. Fair and balanced news is so far from the truth it not even funny.

Mortgage brokers are out and direct lending is in. Many of the major mortgage lenders that brokers dealt with nationwide have either gone out of business, been acquired or pulled back. Some are under indictment for mortgage fraud, while others – both mortgage brokers and mortgage wholesalers – are telling about sex, drugs, parties, and a general attitude of “mortgage whores.” The degree to which that describes the industry is unknown, but local mortgage brokers in our area disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa. Federal and state prosecutors are picking through the industry’s wreckage in search of criminal activity.

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