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continuing to react to the mortgage crisis be creating new laws, one more law is on the books. Earlier Thursday, senators dealt a blow to the nation’s largest credit-rating agencies, approving tough new rules for the industry and voting to remove the government’s formal endorsement of a handful of firms.

Our analysts study the financial crisis on a daily basis. Back in 2007 I warned our family, and friends with investments, that the market was too high at 12,500 and it could not be sustained. those who lost moeny on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG had no one to blame but themselves. Many people did not see the bailout bill, bank bailouts, and financial implosion on the horizon.

As we finish the last day of 2008 the reality of the matter is that 18 months have passed since red lights came on and warning sirens sounded in the summer of 2007. Letting the air out of the mortgage bubble, and subsequently starting the collapse of Wall Street, the summer of 2007 was only a prelude to bigger unthinkable things to come.

Competition is a never-ending race of everyone against everyone else. Everyone is a worker, but everyone is a consumer too. As we wrap up Mortgage Blues for another year 2008 has been chaos to some, but very predictable to others. When we told an investor group to dump Fannie and Freddie we were told our predictions could never happen.

U.S. authorities spent $900 billion to prop up the financial system and housing market. Authorities may get much of that money back if asset prices do not slide further. The SEC finally woke up and stopped short selling of 799 stocks. I guess the original list of 19 was too shortsighted. The SEC wake-up call came one day after John McCain said he would fire the head of the SEC.

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