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I described the conditions when mortgages were paid before their due date on the first of the month in the first article. This update describes the outcome when I made the February payments. These payments were made between the first and sixteenth of the month.

On December 30, I paid mortgages on line to try and get a little break by paying “more interest” in 2009. While doing this I made “side by side” comparisons of the mortgage companies or their servicer. The mortgage companies used in this comparison were Wells Fargo, First Horizon, Saxon, and Everhome. I used statements, company websites, and transaction fees to rate my mortgage companies.

We went to the Country Store in our town. The people shopping inside were either men with lists or the wives of the men sitting outside on the bench in the sun. The conversation outside went around to the recession being over and the amount of stimulus money spent. It is strange that the men in the country are treated with disdain, but can provide such insight into the day to day problems. The following are snatches of various conversations:

To those smug individuals asking if I am smarter than a subprime borrower, then I have a subprime math question for you.

Chase MasterCard sent a change to terms agreement. Chase is deliberately setting their customers up to fail on their card agreements at a time when account delinquencies are at the highest level in history. The new terms increase the minimum payment 2% to 5% of the outstanding balance.

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