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Eighteen hours ago, as I write this article, CBS News confirmed what our staff writers have known for years. The subprime mortgage crisis was caused by greed and economic incentives that outweighed potential fines. Then there were the fraud investigation cover-ups.

It was the summer of 2007. We waited for mortgage lending to explode (or implode). If you recall, Bear Sterns had problems that shocked everyone, HSBC announced the first subprime mortgage losses, and Lehman Brothers said Lehman was not associated or affiliated with subprime borrowers.

The mortgage stupidity era is over, while demands for repayment of soured loans keeps mounting. How bad was Countrywide Mortgage, now owned by Bank of America? The bank made a guess, but those figures don’t add up. Now the bank says the figures might be worse:

Countrywide Financial Corp. has mailed checks for more than $3,000 to hundreds of Connecticut residents who lost or could lose their homes as a result of the company’s “abusive and unfair” home loan practices, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Monday.

In the United States, years before the so-called “subprime crisis”, various financial businesses existed to serve the needs of the middle class. Among those were Household International, Citifinancial, and Avco. Household International represented the Household Finance (HFC) and Beneficial Finance brands.

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