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To those smug individuals asking if I am smarter than a subprime borrower, then I have a subprime math question for you.

Austin Kilgore wrote an article about predictions from Deutsche Bank concerning the mortgage market and the financial position of homeowners. While we certainly saw mortgage blues on the horizon well before the summer of 2007, Kilgore’s article shocked even us.

Most people fail to realize that by prolonging their problem, they are much further from a real solution.

When I returned from a trip on Friday, Bob Seger’s Against the Wind was playing. I sat listening to the lyrics after I parked the truck. It seems funny, I started the truck on Saturday and “Against the Wind” was playing again. I looked at the dash where the CD player would be and realized I was in my old truck and didn’t have a CD player. Almost exactly 20 hours later, the same song was playing on the radio, parked in my driveway almost exactly where I left off the day before, an omen, a subject or the mood.

As June 2009 rolls on more banks were shut down by the FDIC. In a recent article we asked “What is the main problem with banking in Atlanta Georgia? Perhaps the question should be “What’s wrong in Georgia?”

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