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On December 30, I paid mortgages on line to try and get a little break by paying “more interest” in 2009. While doing this I made “side by side” comparisons of the mortgage companies or their servicer. The mortgage companies used in this comparison were Wells Fargo, First Horizon, Saxon, and Everhome. I used statements, company websites, and transaction fees to rate my mortgage companies.

Part of the reason for singing the mortgage blues today is our track record of the years 2000 through 2006. As consumers refinanced mortgage coompanies started searching for those who would refinance again and again. Non-bank financial institutions and shady lenders looked for new customers, and subprime liar loans were born.

In the United States, years before the so-called “subprime crisis”, various financial businesses existed to serve the needs of the middle class. Among those were Household International, Citifinancial, and Avco. Household International represented the Household Finance (HFC) and Beneficial Finance brands.

The percentage of prime borrowers seriously delinquent on their mortgage rose 20.3 percent during the first quarter compared with the previous quarter. It was up 163.7 percent compared with the same quarter a year ago.

This case is not as clear-cut as shady characters selling subprime paper while telling investors they were investing in safe government back student loans. Here is this case:

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