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Our friends at BBC News explain what caused the global financial crisis, mortgage crisis, and lending crisis in a great and simple way:

We watched predatory lending, and watched the mortgage crisis build. Most people did not realize financial folly would lead to a crisis of great proportion, but we did. Here at Mortgage Crisis Daily we documented abuses and changes to laws that permitted abuse in mortgage and lending.

We are starting a segment that looks at where major subprime mortgage players are today. With many of them it is easy because they don’t exist any more. I know you’ve seen television, Internet, and newpaper ads for Ally Financial, which used to GMAC.

Eighteen hours ago, as I write this article, CBS News confirmed what our staff writers have known for years. The subprime mortgage crisis was caused by greed and economic incentives that outweighed potential fines. Then there were the fraud investigation cover-ups.

It was the summer of 2007. We waited for mortgage lending to explode (or implode). If you recall, Bear Sterns had problems that shocked everyone, HSBC announced the first subprime mortgage losses, and Lehman Brothers said Lehman was not associated or affiliated with subprime borrowers.

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