Mortages Blues Starts Today

As the author and owner of Mortgage Blues let me introduce myself. I’ve worked as an analyst for many years, performing research and doing all things pertaining to the mortgage and finance industry. As such it is long overdue to explain things to real people in a real way, like talking at home. That is the best way to understand what is really going on.

Some people are here because they are losing their homes to foreclosure. Others are on Mortgage Blues because they want to know what’s happening to the economy and the mortgage market. Many of our web site visitors are here out of morbid curiosity, and some are celebrating the demise of predatory and subprime lenders. I will remain somewhat neutral on these matters.

Your comments are invited and appreciated. Informative articles can be submitted and will be considered for publication. Please understand that we receive many submissions and must balance our regular duties and responsibilities within the time allotted. I do use some material as prescribed under the copyright act of 1976. I also strive to give references and proper credit wherever possible.

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